State of Secrecy is a collective. A collective of creatives from various backgrounds; animators, directors, designers & illustrators. Each team member takes ownership of projects that fit their strengths, backed with the incredible support system of the team. We realize that the sum is greater than the parts, so we created a network & methodology that enables us to create stellar work.
All we can do is reach for the key to happiness, there is no attaining it. State of Secrecy is  attuned to the artist struggle. The grass is always greener is an idiom that strikes near and dear to the heart. In the struggle to reach, we find ourselves challenged to push ourselves further than we expected. Here in lies the core principle to S.O.S.

We are always pushing ourselves to try newer, better, more stimulating projects. A deviation from the comfortable, State of Secrecy is not one, it is us. 
- S.O.S.
Principle Members
Alex Deaton •  behance • vimeo
Casey Latiolais • website • behance • dribbble • vimeo • instagram
Drew Nelson • vimeo • instagram
James Heredia • website • dribbble 
Jacob Berrier • website • behance 
Jeff Briant • website • behance • dribbble • vimeo • instagram
Justin Reed • website • behance  • vimeo
Marla Moore • websiteinstagrambehance

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